Stamped Concrete

Stamped Concrete Overlay is performed by first overlaying existing concrete with a 1/4 inch to 3/8 inch thin material designed to be textured. Stamps come in endless patterns to create Natural Stone, Brick, Granite, Slate, Pavers or Custom Seamless Designs. The material in then colored to match your specific requirements or desires. Thin Stamped Overlays are more affordable, requires less application time and are easier to install than conventional stamped concrete, real stone, slate, brick or tile.

Seamless Stamped Concrete with Saw Cut Lines and Grout added.
Rock Pattern Stamped Concrete with NO Grout added
Brick Stamped Driveway
Seamless Stamped with hand cut Mortar Joints and True Grout.
Seamless Stamped with Hand Cut Mortar Joints and Grout added
Seamless Stamped with Saw Cut Mortar Joints and NO Grout Added.
Tile Stamped Overlay with Reflective Enhancer added to Sealer for a Patina Copper look
Rock Stamped Overlay with individually stained sections.