Vertical Hand Carved

Vertical hand carved concrete is simply Fantastic. This GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) can be molded and manipulated in such a way as you cannot tell it is not real!!! The construction methods and staining techniques involved make the final product as close to Mother Natures as is possible and in many ways better! We can create Hot Springs that appear as if they have been there since the dawn of time. Swimming pools that resemble ponds with integrated water falls. Caves, Waterfall Showers, Coy Ponds, Walls, Retaining Cliffs, River Beds, Bubble Rocks, Fire Caves and Fireplaces. Anything you can imagine in Nature ot that can be created from Rock, we can design and create.

Rock Cliff Fireplace..
Hand Carved Concrete Water Feature
Small Cave with Simulated Spring Fed Creek. This feature can be turned up to produce a 3' Water fall or down for a soothing trickling brook.
This is a Swimming Pool made from hand carved concrete complete with 7' Sheer Fall.
Hand Carved Boulders and Stamped Concrete work very well together.